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Things to do

There are plenty of activities and sights to see in the area.  We have included just a few examples for your information:

Terra Mitica

Terra Mitica is the first real theme park in Spain. It offers all visitors something different: a theme park that recreates the lost civilisations of the Med: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia, and the Islands. Its main rides take you back to the myths and legends of these ancient cultures with state of the art technology, special effects, animatronics and digital imagery.

The daring can experience falling from great heights on the Flight of the Phoenix and great speed on one of the largest wooden roller coasters in Europe.  The more sedate visitors will enjoy the excitement and entertainment of the virtual dark rides, stories and legends told with the help of technology.  Children will enjoy mini replicas of the main rides in each area, i.e. water flume, roller coaster etc.

Terra Mitica is divided into five areas, four of them surround a lake that symbolises the Mediterranean Sea, from which emerges the fifth area, The Islands:

AREA 1.- "Egypt, Land of Pharaohs".

AREA 2.- "Greece, The home of the Gods".

AREA 3.- "Rome, The Frontier".

AREA 4.- "Iberia, The Warm Shores".

AREA 5.- "The Islands, The Great Journey"

Terra Mitica is a park for all ages due to the wide variety of its thirty rides and attractions.


·      Waterfalls of the Nile

·         Magnus Colossus

·         The Flight of the Phoenix

·         The Fury of Triton

·         Alucinakis

·         El Tren Bravo

·         Rapids of Argos

·         Tizona


Aqualandia is reputedly Europe's largest water park. It is a must for fans of water slides who will easily be able to spend a full day here.

There's a great range of attractions within the park such as the huge Atlantic wave pool, the springboards of Laguna, the beach and caves of Niagara and Adventureland which has been developed specially for young children.

There are plenty high adrenaline rides with scarey names such as Kamikaze and Black Hole as well as Big Bang which is Europe's highest chute ride.


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Mundomar is a theme park inhabited by aquatic animals such as dolphins, penguins and sea lions as well as tropical birds. As much as possible each species lives within an area closely resembling its natural habitat. A great day out for the children.

The dolphin show is the highlight of the day which takes place at 1.30pm and 4.30pm. It's great to watch the show from one of the underwater viewing points which provides a unique sight of these loveable creatures in action.

The sea lions and the seals also put on a humouous show that the kids love. And the parrots on rollerskates provide no end of entertainment.

Away from the birds and animals there's a children's park with plenty slides and other amusements and a selection of cafés and restaurants should provide a welcome break to the adult contingent.

Terra Natura

Terra Natura lies in another vast area of mountainside next to its better known neighbour, Terra Mitica. Although the theme park has over 700 metres of water slides it is essentially an animal park divided according to continent. Each continent sector is home to the animals, people and vegetation native to it. You'll even find typical dishes of the region in that sector's restaurants.

It's a fabulous day out for children who see Terra Natura as a theme park whilst gaining great educational value from the visit as they learn about new continents. They can marvel at their surroundings in total security as the park has been cleverly built so that you can wander very close to the animals without being in any danger.

Within each sector there are a selection of interesting shows and rides. You can take a train ride around the park or for the more adventurous take a Tarzan like trip over the elephant enclosure on a zip wire. And if you survive how about going swimming with baby sharks!

For many parents the water park is a highlight of the day as you can escape the temperatures you've experienced in the safari park area as you settle down on a sunbed in the water park after lunch. Located next to an enormous lake sized swimming pool, the water slides and the children's play area this a great spot to relax where you can still keep an eye on the kids.

Terra Natura is a truly excellent family day out.


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Places to see


A truly spectacular place, Guadalest is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Spain.

On the uppermost part of a mountain peak, with houses set in the rock, Guadalest overlooks a deep valley through which the Guadalest river runs.

Although it enjoys one of the most spectacular locations of any village in Spain, it has a population of only 200.

Of Islamic origin, Guadalest was a military stronghold of great strategic importance and is the site of several ancient castles, the remains of which can still be seen today.

The castle village, which is reached through a tunnel, is a delight, with many little craft and souvenir shops, several cafés and museums. You can take a little tour around the inside of the castle and the ramparts where you will get breathtaking views of the surrounding valley and down to the Bay of Altea. 

It is located about 25 km inland from Benidorm along the CV-70 road.

The drive inland from Altea is fascinating as you follow the winding road ever higher past the picturesque village of Polop, before emerging finally high up over Guadalest.

Benidorm Palace

A magnificent, spectacular, gloriously colourful, BIG show of international renown.

Wine and dine first, or go later to enjoy some of Europe's very best showtime entertainment in this plush, capacious, traditional style nightclub. Feast your eyes on the first-class, fabulous dancers in exotic, majorly glam feathered costumes who'll take your breath away.

A full programme of original, top artistes from around the world ensure you are thoroughly entertained. A must-do in Benidorm. Opens at 9 p.m. Dinner is served soon after. Showtime at 10.30 pm.

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